5 Grammatical Rules A Writer Should Know

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5 Grammatical Rules A Writer Should Know

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:50 pm

Here are ten of most frequently ignored (or unknown) grammar rules and inditing practices:

1.Commas: the comma is the most mundane punctuation mark and the most misused. It’s a tricky one because the rules are scarce, leaving utilization up to style guides and writers’ best judgement. In impotent inditing, there are too few or an exorbitant quantity of commas. Be consistent in how you utilize commas and strike the right balance.

2.Verb tense: The topic of tense warrants an article of its own (or maybe an entire book). There are multiple tenses beyond past, present, and future, and they are worth kenning. Be especially meticulous of commixing up simple past tense (I danced all night) and past perfect tense (I had danced all night).

3.Adjectives vs. adverbs: People don’t run expeditious; they run expeditiously. The word expeditious is an adjective; expeditiously is an adverb. Ascertain you’re utilizing adverbs to modify verbs and adjectives to modify entities.

4.Check your homophones: homophones are minuscule devils because spell check won’t catch them and they often sneak past editors’ ocular perceivers. An inordinate quantity of youngsters aren’t edified opportune homophone use (in other words, they don’t ken spellings or definitions of their lexicon). From prevalent sets of homophones like they’re, their, and there to more advanced words like complement and compliment, it pays to learn congruous utilization and to proofread meticulously.

5.Rare or unorthodox punctuation marks: if you decide to utilize a punctuation mark like the ellipsis (three dots) or semicolon (comma with a period over it), then take the time to learn what it’s called and how to utilize it felicitously.


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