All You Need To Know About Modern English Grammar

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All You Need To Know About Modern English Grammar

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:50 am

A fundamental understanding of grammar can provide a salient amelioration in people’s faculty to communicate. Correct sentence structure, punctuation(commas, apostrophes, semicolons etc.) and phrasing are all fundamentals in ‘good grammar’ that sanction communication of conceptions limpidly and precisely. Covering a comprehensive range of grammar topics, All about grammar is a clear, facile-to-read guide that pellucidly expounds any arduous grammatical rules and terms. Ideal for students, edifiers or parents, read it either as an amicable and auxiliary reference on how to structure sentences correctly, or keep it as an invaluable reference for those times when something simply ‘doesn’t look quite right’.


• A clear guide to modern English grammar.

• Comprehensive - all mundane grammatical topics are covered.

• Covers grammatical skills applicable to both the abecedarian and expert.

• Provides examples for correct utilization throughout.

• Presented in an amicable manner.

• Plenarily illustrated.

• Ideal as a classroom or home reference.


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